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HELP Dad (age 90) has Alzheimers and now lung cancer

Guest mickiemister

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Guest mickiemister

I'm new here. Was told today that my Dad (almost 91) who has late stage Alzheimer's probably has lung cancer. He's had several recent bouts with plural effusion and that was the specialist's conclusion today.

We're not doing anything to treat the cancer, just keep him confortable... and hope this doesn't trigger more unusual behavior (*because of the Alz)

Can anyone tell me what to expect towards the end? The doctor said most patients will die of pneumonia. What's that like?

I had hospice for my mom (sinus cancer) but don't know what to expect for Dad.

Help please !!!

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Sorry to hear of your Dad's additional health problems, as if alzheimers wasn't enough! You have come to a great place for information & support.

My mother chose to have no treatment. She was diagnosed with stage 4 nsclc in September, 1994 and was fine until about February 1995 when she started on Tylenol 3 for pain. By March she was on Hospice and they controlled her pain with morphine (light doses, which gradually increased over time) By late April she was on heavier doses of morphine & ativan every 3 hours for anxiety. She did not get pneumonia and passed very peacefully on May 22, 1995. She had been given 3 to 6 months to live and she lasted 8 months. I would say that her quality of life was fair to good with the exception of the last 6 weeks of her life when she had to be heavily medicated. Hospice is wonderful and make everything so much easier for the patient and the family. Hope this helps. Good Luck & God Bless


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Turns out my mother did develope pneumonia. And her system shut down in about 16 hours basically.

What is it like?

Well, it's death, so it sucks. BUT, I will be plain honest. It could have been worse. And I thank God every day for the fact that it wasn't.

I'm sorry you have come to this point. Regardless of age and other health issues, it is still hard. It's still your dad. So for that I am very sorry.

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Guest mickiemister

Appreciate all your kind words and prayers. We certainly believe in prayer.

We've already started with hospice. Met with our nurse and our CNA has already come and given him his first shower. It went well. She is very nice.

I've done hospice before. My mom had cancer in her sinsus (and she never smoked in her life). She died in our home March of 2003.

Nurse told me that with LC (at least they think it LC because of his 2nd plueral effusion in 6 months) that the patients can go quickly, once they start to go down hill. I guess that's better than lingering on with Alzheimers through stage 7 when they lose their ability to talk, walk, eat, go the bathroom - etc. I'm just praying that as his oxygen levels decrease that the alz behavior doesn't become so bad that I can't manage him at home.

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