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Friday, Jun.1, I had my first Taxotere...I was under the impression it was going to be less side effects than my previous chemo. It sure doesn't feel that way to me today..(Tues) The Onco seemed to make it sound like practically nothing, but I have Nausea, tingleing, raw throat,ache, and big time! fatigue...Normal? I am not having too much luck finding info on general side effects (that I can understand) I found A chart with % that mean notheing to me :roll:

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I am sorry that the Taxotere has been hard on you!

I had several rounds of taxotere and it was pretty brutal. I had extreme fatigue and was pretty much useless for 7 days after the dose. My whole body felt like a wet noodle :roll: . I used to call the week after Taxotere my 7 day vacation with my tv.

Seriously though, chemo affects everyone differently. If you are still experiencing nausea or feel uncomfortable with how wiped out you are, definetly check in with your doc. He/She should be able to eliminate the nausea and let you know if the fatigue you are experiencing is normal for you.

Hang in there,


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Taxotere has been referred to here as "taxo-terror"- so you aren't alone. It was hard on John, he had terrible body aches with it. He found drinking a lot of water helped. I hope it is working-- that's the important thing.

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Taxotere can be taxing --- groan!! :P

Tony did 12 21-day cycles of a gemzar/taxotere combo and by the end of that he was practically non-existent. During the course of it he only had the fatigue and twilight zone feeling, so I guess he was luckier then some. It just all caught up with him toward the end of that treatment.

Sorry you are having a rough time, but remember -- only one more to go!! Drink lots of fluids, get Kytril for nausea, and try B6 (up to 600 mg per day) for tingles.

Hope you feel better soon.


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I'd say that oncologists recommend taxotere not because it's kinder and gentler, but because it's among the more active drugs against lung cancer. In truth, many of us use with with some reservations because it can be pretty tough on patients. Alimta was tested against taxotere in a head to head trial of second line therapy, and they had the same activity level, but the oncology population in the US favors alimta because more patients find it to be easier to tolerate. In some people, it's not an either/or, but deciding when to use what. Taxotere is active enough that we often don't want to leave it on the sidelines, given that it's part of a somewhat limited group of treatments that has been shown to produce a survival benefit in patients previously treated with chemo.

-Dr. West

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