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How About a Baby Update???


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I went to my most recent dr's appointment the end of last week and, of course :roll: had another ultrasound. I'm now in the every-two-week cycle of appointments...early because of previous pregnancy history and my blood pressure. That's the picture down there at the bottom. For those who have trouble seeing anything in them,the head's to the right and he's laying sideways facing toward you.

I'm 30 weeks along now and he's measuring almost spot on for my due date. His head's a little bigger, stomach's a little smaller, but it all evens out. He's right around 3lbs and since I've decided to do a regular labor and delivery instead of another c-section, I'm HOPING he doesn't get too big!

When he finally makes his appearance in August (ACK, this being pregnant in the summer thing's for the birds! ) we'll be naming him Xavier Declan. Xavier is a Spanish Saint...Declan is an Irish Saint from around the same time as Patrick (which my brother used for his son).

We're starting to collect all the stuff we're needing for an unexpected addition to the family and getting really excited. Sabrina's having fun playing with him through my tummy and his daddy's even starting to poke at my tummy to get him to move. Overall...we're just really enjoying!!!

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30 weeks is a great milestone to make! And 3lbs is an awesome weight. Good news! Now don't forget to take care of yourself and take it easy.

Too bad we don't all live closer, so many babies at once with you, Val, Bunny and me :)

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Babies, more then anything else in the world, make me the happiest!

I'm 100% addicted to the 3 grandson's I have that live nearby. :) . (The 4th, and oldest, lives in Maryland, so I don't get to see him as often). :cry:

Thanks for sharing the picture. What an exciting time for you!

( as the mother of an "Erin", I LOVE Irish names!)

Take good care of yourself,


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FWIW, I can make out all of the features in the U/S perfectly! (I had three U/S's/wk with the twins, and 2x /wk with Ian) He looks beautiful and healthy!

I wish you were coming to the bash, I have a TON of baby things I could give you, to try and purge what I can before we move at the end of the month :shock::roll:

Lots of luck on your VBAC (I'm jealous; my perinatologist would NOT let me do one) and may the rest of the time go by smoothly for you. I do believe I had Declan on my list of boys' names back when I was PG with Mikkel and Saoirse, and then again with Ian. My husband got to name Mikkel, and my mom got to name Ian.

Hang in there; you're in the home stretch!!!

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