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Germs after surgery?????


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I haven't written in awhile but thought I would come to the experts for some info. My mom's surgery (removed part of lung and 3 ribs) went well and she is slowly recovering. She is well enough to go out, but I am concerned about her getting sick. She's 63 and fairly healthy (minus the lung cancer or removal). I want to support her doing anything that keeps her spirits high, but I don't want her to compromise her recovery by going out and getting sick. Her doctors have not been terribly insightful on this matter. What do you all think? Thanks in advance for any thoughts and as always keeping you all in my prayers.

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When was her surgery?

I wear a face mask (not the kind you find in the hardware stores), but rather the medical face masks that are used by those who have undergone bonemarrow transplants. (You get them at medical supply stores). They can be hard to breathe through, especially if you have only one lung. It gives me a little bit of peace of mind doing this.

Fay A.

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I found it best to avoid small children ( do NOT volunteer Columbus Day in first grade with the runny noses), crowds (keep away from the mall unless it is early morning and pretty empty), sit in the back in church ( or wherever the seating is really spread out and empty). Avoid parties or large gatherings, esp. indoors (like you're really going to have a garden party in November?) and use that hand foam / antiseptic stuff, it works.

Plenty handwashing. No Mass Transportation. Eat at home.

Rides in the car are good things. Occasional shopping is good. Video rental is good. Library is good. Quiet restaurants for early or late lunch is good.

It takes time to build up the energy for doing stuff that you would like to see. It took me well over a year to work up to just plain feeling bad. I was working full time, and doing my thing with the kids on alternate weekends, going for lessons etc. I wound up in the hospital twice with pneumonia from pushing it, and did the prednisone at home thing several more times ( that stuff is always awful, mood swings can be horrible when tapering down, but it is GOOD for the lungs if they're constricted at all ).

Continued good luck to your mom Judy on her recovery. Tell her from me not to worry too much about the reconstruction -- it's the least of the problem. I slept 14 hours a day for the first 8 months.

And you be good to yourself. Take a break from time to time to be your own friend, otherwise you'll burn out too.

Warm Regards,



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