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Hello All. I am so sorry that I am so out of the loop. I was on vacation for over a week (didn't ask for a pass - sorry :oops: ) and then once I got back, I felt so out of the loop, that I haven't really been posting...just reading. I will get back into it soon.

Spent a few days with mom and dad. They are great! Dad got a new Bimini-top for the boat, which he is thrilled about...now he is talking about buying a parasail...says he always wanted to do it. :shock: The scariest part is that I am NOT a heights fan, but if he gets one, I will HAVE to do it!! Oh well..an easy thing considering we have been blessed with him WANTING to get out and about!

Well, I am off to meet them in Sioux Falls, which is an hour away. We are meeting for lunch and a play date with the kids.



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I am so glad that things are going so well! YOur posts are always so positive to read!!

I also want to share that I have told my mom about your dads story. It is a real inspiration. It tells me that this can be done.

I thank you and will continue to send prayers to your family,


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Welcome back... missed you, glad you posted. Catch up anytime or just start with few posts. I certaibly know how overwhelming it gets when you arent' on here for a bit.

I try to go on everyday, if only for 10 minutes, as I am so busy with my new job and cannot post like I used too.

But I do my best.

Take your time...

Maryanne :wink:

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