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What IS Cyber knife?


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I've read a couple of posts here about it.. I read Don's, and how he got approved for it, (I'm happy for you!), but what is it exactly? I can't find it in the glossary, or any posts that explain what it is......

I noticed that one person who is trying to get treated with it, has small cell like Harry, so I'd like to check into it.

Thanks ,

Hope you all have a Happy 4th of July.

Take care,


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Those are good links from Randy. I think Stanford pioeneered ck. Basically, it is very intense and very acccurate radiation. It is so accurate, that they can claim surgical precision using computerized robotics hence the name cyberknife.

I have read of otheres doing ck for sclc. I think it is done just to control mets. I think they don't treat sclc very often though because it is usually very responsive to chemo. Probabaly they would use ck aftr a chemo regime has been completed and there is still residual disease.

The radiation oncologists at the ck support message board are very responsive and very helpful and can asswer questions aabout ck for sclc.

Don M

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