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A note From a friend of ours here Please read!!


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Sent a PM to My friend Don Wood today. Did not think I would get a quick response. :( Lo and Behold when I checked My Mail Box :shock: This was what I found :lol::lol:

Thanks for remembering me on this holiday, Randy. I hope your 4th is a good one. I am observing it alone, and the weather here is rainy. I found a favorite restaurant open, so had lunch there.

I spent last weekend in Mississippi visiting Lucie's cousins (her family). It was something I felt I should do for me and for them. They were so pleased I came, and it helped me as well.

I have grown a beard -- started it in Hawaii. It is a signal to me and to the world that I am moving on as a single guy. It will soon be 10 months. I have a lot of support here, from family, church and friends.

Blesssings. Don


72-yr old, married 47 yrs. Wife Lucie diag. 10/02 NSCLC (adeno carcinoma) w. multiple bone mets (skull, rib, upper spine, left hip and right fibula); non-smoker.

Radiation: 10-12/02 (spine, fibula); 03-04/03 (hip); 06/03 (sacrum); 07/04 (rib); 12/04 (skull); 04-05/05 (right fibula - recurrence).

Chemo: (Carboplatin/Taxotere), 02-05/03 - effective in reducing tumors; 07-12/04 (Navelbine) to treat recurrence in other lung, lymph nodes, rib - effective in reducing tumors; 08-12/05 (Navelbine/Gemzar) to treat recurrence in hip sacrum, spine, rib, shoulder, and liver - held everything stable; Alimta 2-4/06 - no effect; Carboplatin/Taxol/Avastin,5-9/06 - effective in reducing tumors.

Zometa monthly for bone strength.

Staph infection, systemic, 12/02 - second port-a-cath installed. Bilateral pneumonia, 08/03. Septic staff infection, congestive heart failure, 09/06 - deceased

I am 11-yr. prostate cancer survivor, Stage II (two bouts). Also 9 yr. heart bypass surgery survivor.

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