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Phooeey .. more tests ... and a question.


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Well, apparently my cancer is a bit nebulous. Since

they couldn't get the scope around to the backside of

the tumor when I had my bronchoscopy they aren't sure

if the lymph nodes have been invaded by the cancer or

if there is an infection (i.e. pnumonia) in behind the

tumor that is giving a false reading on the CT scans.

If that later is the case my cancer would be classed

stage 2 rather than stage 3. This would change the

treatment options drasticaly. Usually they would

perform a PET scan, but something about the location

of my tumor and some other things have them believing

a PET scan wouldn't be helpful at this time.

So .... I'll be going in to see a thorasic surgon

within the week. After doing an assesment he/she

might recomend immediate surgery or something called a

"mediastinoscopy" where they cut a small hole in the

chest and stick another scope in me and look around

while taking ANOTHER bit of tissue (this time from the

lymph nodes) to find out what's up there.

I'm glad, in a way, they are taking the time and

effort to get things right. My doc says they don't

want to go in there and take out part of my lung and

then find it was an exercise in futility. And I

agree. I'm just a bit tired of feeling wasted all the

time. The doc also told me that this cancer (and, I

guess others) can put out a hormone that causes loss

of muscle mass. He says EAT. As much as I can

tolerate and try to remain as active as possible.

Other than that the only way to completely stop the

muscle loss is to treat the cancer. Hope they get

around to it before I have toothpicks for legs. :)

I'll aslo be seeing an onocologist (sp?) to further

discuss the treatment options.

Lord, give me patience ... and give it to me RIGHT

NOW! :)

Now for the question. The biggest problem I'm having emotionaly is not that I have a life theatining illness, my attitude there is pretty good. What IS bothering me is my lack of energy and strength. Has anyone had experience with this and what, if anything, can I do to help get at least some of my stamina back? Since I can't work and have to wait a bit more before they get after this thing I'd like to be able to do more than I'm now capable of.


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Dean, just got finished posting on your other post, - - didn't see this till now. My husband who is 70 was very active before his operation and treatment but since has lost 60 lbs and has never gained back his strength. He can't seem to understand why either. He does walk about 3 to 4 times a day and is so much better doing that. What I mean by better, at first he looked like he was going to fall down constantly. Neighbors were all watching out for him. Now he can do his walk with or without his cane but still is very weak. Why, I blame all the radiation and chemo. I think it takes a long time to gain back what one has lost from the treatments. So hang in, you will get back on the road to recovery, it just takes some time.....Rome wasn't built in one day.....

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Hey Dean,

Your disease sounds very similar to mine. Squamous cell causing an infection in the lung that progressed to pneumonia. They put me on a regiment of antiboctics for the infection, The strength came back. Then the scope to get the type. Also, had a mediastinoscopy to check the nodes in the chest. They were enlarged due to the infection but no cancer. Then had the lung operated on / removed. The good thing was that they did both the mediastinoscopy and pneumonectomy at the same time. They checked the nodes when I was on the table, ( took about 1/2 hr) then rolled me over on my stomach and took the lung :shock::shock: . Woke up a new man!!, cancer free and very grateful! :) that was almost 2 & 1/2 years ago.

let me know, if you need anything, and remember " let go and let God"

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Dean, Your cancer sounds identical to the dx I had. Please feel free to email me or pm, hopefully i could be of some help. I had the mediastinascopy(sic) then they opted to give me a few rounds of chemo, the anothter medistinascopy ( which was unsucessfull ) then had sugery a week or so after that.

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How are you doing their in the hills of Alpine? Heard they were evacuating because of the fire. Hope this doesn't effect you or your property. It's such a beautiful area we pass it every week going to my husband's doctor appointments in San Diego. Sounds like you have some good doctors working for you because the choice of treatment depends on the extent of the disease. Carolyn

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