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Getting to Know You - July 10


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I complain about the cost of tickets often and swore up and down I'd never pay more than $50 for a concert ticket...

Until Tim McGraw and Faith Hill came through last summer and Mark told me to go ahead and buy tickets and he'd take me for our anniversary (he doesn't even LIKE country music!).

I paid $120 each. :roll:

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We paid $125.00 a ticket to see Simon and Garfunkel tour a couple of years ago. It was worth every penny. In the middle of the concert the Everly Brothers came out and did a set alone and then played with Simon and Garfunkel on a few songs. It was wonderful-- but there aren't many groups I'd pay that much for.

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We paid 240.00 to see Roger Waters (Pink floyd) in concert on August 1st. It was actually an anniversary present for ourselves. Great, great seats, well worth it but that was a one time deal, don't think we would do that again.

Prices for concerts are absolutely outrageous!! Bring back the 70's saw so many groups then at affortable prices.


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There are some events that I don't mind paying a high ticket price for but there are other things that I absolutely refuse to pay current ticket prices for. I used to never miss a NASCAR race at Daytona but now you'd almost have to pay me to attend. I'm still a NASCAR fan but I feel the ticket prices have increased to the point that the average person can't afford to go see a race. Some things, like NASCAR, were founded on the common people attending and enjoying. Now, ticket prices are outrageous.

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