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Hi Everyone,

I had my 4 month check-up and x-ray review today. Lungs are clear and I am now on a 6 month check-up schedule. I passed my 2 year anniversary at this check-up. My doctor was as happy as I was. Since some of you have asked why I had surgery for sclc, I asked him to specifically explain why. We have a good relationship and he knows I like to hear things straight from the hip. He said the way the cancer presented itself in the tumor in my lung was very "focused". There were no lesions, lumph node involvement, or mets to any other area. He said it is very rare that the cells are so localized. The typical treatment would be chemo to make sure there were no cells elsewhere along with radiation. I was willing to go the distance so I then had surgery and brain radiation. As I told him 2 years ago whatever it takes I am willing to do because I do not Like the alternative.


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