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Thanks for the info,prayers,support !

bart ziggie ( Greg )

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Hello everybody, Thanks to everyone that responded to my post. John i briefly looked at the 2 clinicals and upon first glance i think i meet the criteria.My docs and i are going to have to make some major descicions and i for one am not ruling out a clinical. Karen i actually live right across the mighty mississippi from St. Louis. I live in illinois its just easier to say St. louis than it is wood river illinois. Well to the best of my knowledge heres what is going on. I was pretty much right when i posted mon. I was admitted mon. to saint louis university. I met with my doc and his team. We briefly discussed the ct scan from fri. and he indicated there was a 6 mm nodule in the upper right lobe. It didnt appear to them to be impacting the ribs, however he said there was "something" there. Had a pet scan done tues afternoon. Seen Doc today and it showed several hot spots. I am trying to keep this straight as possible but my thinking right now is a little wobbly ! Please bear with me. He said it showed activity in both lungs,my lymph nodes,ribs,right shoulder area,bronchi,trachea,and several on my liver. I think there were more but im not sure. Since my breathing is somewhat stable i was able to get discharged. I didnt speak at length with the doc today. I have alot of confidence i have made the right move with this new team of docs. We agreed that i go ahead and be discharged and i come back tues morning with a good picture of how we are going to proceed. After i met with him today he felt we needed to go ahead with a ct scan of abdomine/ pelvis and a mri of my trachea,bronchi etc.... i think ! I really need all the input i can get on this my friends. Like i said i am very open to a clinical. I would love to be sitting here in a few months typing away after having A TOTAL RESPONSE from a clinical trial. Wow i think its possible for me to get a partial or complete response. I can hope for it anyways. I appolgize if i have rattled on i should have waited till my head was a little clearer but i may be waiting awhile. What surprises me so much is how fast this cancer moves. In 3 weeks time it has really grabbed ahold of me. The pain is bad and i am taking a strong dose of oxycontin wich i hate already. But i have to take it. The pain just in the last 4 or 5 days has gotten really bad. If anyone has anything to share about recurrent SCLC i need your help i will digest all the info i can get my hands on. I am glad not to have to make these descicions until tues. Oh yea also i asked about biopsy etc. doc indicated we would be biopsying the liver for sure and we would discuss at length all treatment plans etc. tues. This doc is very good and has got a quality team as well. Geeeez i have to go lay down i didnt sleep much last night. Ill see you all tomm.


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Hi Greg,

I also live outside the St. Louis area (Washington, MO on the opposite side of the Mississippi than you are) SLU is a great teaching hospital and I'm sure that you have the best of the best working for you. My mother has been battling recurrent SCLC for a while now. I do know that the cancer moves very fast so do not delay on any treatments. Her last chemo taxotere did seem to hold the cancer from growing for 2 months. I have faith that you will be able to find a clinical trial that will work for you. Take care of yourself and get some rest. Your body will need all the energy it can get to fight this terrible thing. I will keep you in my prayers.

Lots of Hugs,

Susan M.

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