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Well, I was laying in bed early this morning waiting for the onslaught of little ones, listening to the baby ga-ga-gooing in his crib, my husband long gone on a business trip, and I was feeling so, so sad about my mom. Missing her so much, wondering if anyone would notice if I just never got out of bed. Tears had just started to slip out of my eyes and into my pillow, and I was thinking I just can't go on without her...when I heard the most incredible thing from the nursery. My son Conor, who is almost nine months old and not talking yet, said clear as a bell in a very needy voice, "Mum-mum-MUM! Mum-mum-mum..." He was actually calling me. I thought I was hearing things, but it just continued. For the rest of the day whenever I would put him down to crawl he would say that when he needed me. He was so pleased with himself, bless his heart...

I have to believe that it was my mom giving me a nudge, a reminder that I have to keep going on, that I have reasons to go on. My sister cried when I told her and said it was absolutely Mom.

Who knows, but I wonder at the timing of things sometimes...maybe I am looking for signs, and I so want to believe she is part of all of this...

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It is whatever makes you comfortable. If you believe it's mom, then so be it. Sounds to me like she was trying to get your attention. :wink: They do that a lot, we just have to listen and pay attention. They are around us all the time guiding us through the rough spots, and loving us through the good times.

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