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Antibiotic for nail infection from Tarceva?


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I know I have heard of several people on Tarceva needing an antibiotic to clear up nail infections. My mom has extremely sore nails on her fingers and toes and asked her onc. about it. He really didn't know what to tell her. Can anyone tell me what antibiotic was perscribed for them so my mom can ask about it. I bumped her toe the other day and she almost cried out in pain. They are very sore.


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I'm sure people will reply, but summer months on the board can be slow. I just want to suggest to you if you go to the top of the page and click on

SEARCH and a page will come up and you will see in the upper right hand corner it will say : Search for any terms or use query as entered. In that area type in the word TRACEVA and you will get every message on the board posted about Traceva.

Hugs to your Mom!

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Found this info on web might help for info to ask Doc about......

patient presented a relapse of the cutaneous folliculitis along with painful perionyxis, with an appearance of pyogenic granulomas surrounding several toenails and fingernails. Erlotinib treatment was withdrawn and an additional course of tetracycline was prescribed, associated with local antiseptic treatment on the face, and silver nitrate on the perionyxis. One week later, the cutaneous lesions had greatly improved and erlotinib was reintroduced

Hope it helps some RandyW

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