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Dr says my Mom only has 2 months left. I need help


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My Mom has lung cancer. she was on Iressa and 2 weeks ago dr told her xray showed tumor had shrunk. She was sick on that visit and he told her since she did not feel well to stop taking the Iressa for a week or two, it would not matter. After that she became very sick and now they say the tumor is taking up her entire left lung. it has paralized her vocal cord, she cant talk and she has pneumonia in both lungs. They say she only has 2 months to live. This Dr said he did not know anything about Iressa. How could he tell her to not take it. Does anyone know if this could have caused the tumor to grow like this? Where can i go to find out? Please all of you say a prayer for my Mom. She is my best friend and one of the nicest people I have ever known.

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I hope your mom is doing a little better today.

I do not know anything about Iressa but I do know that the new chemo onc that i took my Buddy to the other day mentioned the possibility of chemo causing tumors to grow and that is why after we revisit him on tues, if the other scans just taken don't change his mind, he is having my Buddy stay off of chemo for 2 months and see how he fairs.

Even though chemo has been out for many years, sometimes i feel it is just a guess as to what to do for a patient....

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Mary Lou,

That is going to be the second question I ask on Tuesday. I could have misunderstood but will let you know either way. I was thinking that maybe when the tumors are not controlled it may help them grow. I had so many things on my mind that i let that slip through my questons that day.

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