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Hi Ray,

My husband Bill had the stereotactic radiosurgery to the brain and it was very successful. They showed him a video of the procedure prior to doing it so we knew what it would entail. He had absolutely no problems with it afterwards either. It was a one day procedure where he went in early morning and left late afternoon.

He also got a port about a month ago and is so glad he did.

I'm praying for you Ray.

Blessings to you,


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Guest Piermarie


My mother had this done over the summer at Cooper Hospital and it was much easier than she anticipated. She takes ativan for catscans and any other procedure just to make her more calm and less clautrophobic, so she took a couple before she had this done.

We went in early in the a.m. (she had gone there for a catscan the day prior) and they applied the halo with 4 screws to her head, two in back and one near each eyebrow. They put lidocaine in first and so other than the sting from that, she felt more pressure than anything else. The bar that goes around your head is more of a nuisance since it's a little heavy after a couple of hours and it obstructs your eyesight slightly.

After the halo was put on, she had another catscan, and then was brought back to the room where we watched videos, had lunch, etc. For the next few hours, the dr. and physicist plot with the computer where the radiosurgery will target the lesions and that is the longest part. Once that was done, they came for my mom and she went to the radiation therapy room where they did the procedure to three lesions that she had in her brain. She was out in about an hour.

So, all in all, we got there around 730am and left around 3pm. It was a long day and more tiring for her than anything else.

We had the follow up scan about a month later I think and one lesion was gone and the others were showing signs of calcification and shrinkage. We go back for another scan 3 mths from that one which is the end of Nov.

We were told that with the 15 whole brain radiation sessions initially, her lesions or new ones had a 50% chance of recurrence but if we added the radiosurgery, the chance of recurrence was reduced to 10%. We felt that we made the right decision by going ahead with that procedure and as frightened as my mother was about it, she said it was not half as bad as she had anticipated.

Hope this helped you!!!!

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