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Rant of the day - 8/23/07


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Good point, Ginny. I hate it when I tell people my name is Ann and they almost always reply...."Is that with an "E" ???? Aren't there any more just plain old Ann's in the world????

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My name is Jacqueline and people

can't prononce it right so I always

say my name is Jackie and they don't

understand WHY I should go with

Jackie when Jacquuuuuuuuelin

is my real name.

My mother had the name Janine for me

but by the time my father got to the

church all he did remember was a name

starting with a J.......could have been



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My name is Lillian, not LilYun. My inlaws never learned to pronounce my name properly. It really grates on my nerves when people do that :x

My rant today would be people who interupt every time you go to speak. It is very rude and I lived with it so long that I just won't hardly stand for it any more.

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