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liver mets


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My husband's first indication of any illness was symptoms of stroke. It was brain tumor that later pathology report after crainiotomy indicated as a second from adenocarcinoma. This happened between 12/29/06 and 1/13/07. Radiation slowed things down for a while. Then we did tarceva for 3 months. We thought he had developed gall bladder problems and a ct on 6/1/07 showed liver mets. In his case and hopefully his is a rare circumstance he declined very rapidly once the cancer got into his liver.

My resistant to even giving chemo a try husband was willing to try anything. He did 1 cycle of carbo/taxol that ended 7/31. His mind left. Hospice was in place and we immediately went from once weekly visits to daily visits. Last Thursday after giving him 30 mg of morphine and 10 mg haldol and still not being able to keep him in the bed our hospice nurse said "sorry he has to go to the hospital". Once the agitation was resolved he never woke up again. He passed on Saturday morning with all three of his daughters and me by his side.

Please don't be frightened by our experience, just be aware that this happened to us. Love him all you can while you have him.

Praying for you,


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How many liver mets does your dad have? My mom had one liver met but it has gone away with treatment. It did increase in size at one point but after changing treatment it went away. Hopefully, your dad will get on a treatment program that will take care of his as well. Mom never had any symptoms with her liver met. Would have never known it was there if it weren't for the scans. Best Wishes for you, your dad, and your family.


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Hi-My Mom had liver mets almost one year ago when first diagnosed and never had any symptoms from it @ all. They found that it is back in her liver 1.5 cm and she is on 2nd line treatment for it. She still has no signs of any kind of liver problems.


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