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THings about members using accupuncture and News that I found..

Don W has/had a friend who uses Acupuncture to help with Prostate Cancer.

Lisa O used/uses accupressure for Pain management

Welthys Husband Tony is/was doing Reiki treatments for Helping with pain management.

Hope something helps!!!

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I don't have cancer but can give you my experience with acupuncture. I am on so many meds right now for different problems. Ended up in the hospital on the 22nd of August for gall bladder and came home with a migraine that would NOT quit. After 2 days of debilitating pain, it was decided that with all of my other meds, adding anything for migraines was not possible. I was just desperate for relief and went to see the acupuncturist that works in my doctors building. After ONE treatment the pain was markedly decreased and by the next morning, it was gone. I also slept better that night than I have in months and months.

According to her, there are benefits to using acupuncture to control any kind of pain, and she also treats patients with various types of cancer. I will mention the bone met pain to her when I see her on Wednesday and let you know what she says, if you like? The greatest benefit I can relate to is that this is a drug free procedure and would not have any impact on any chemo, etc.

Wishing Mom relief in one way or another and sending many prayers..


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Hi Jill.

I am just in from my acupuncture appointment. I had the opportunity to speak to Naomi at some length about acupuncture and pain relief, especially in cancer patients. She feels very strongly that there is a definite benefit to giving this a try for your Mom. She did ask me to advise you that acupuncture has a cumulative effect, meaning that it may work a little at first but the more treatments you receive, the better the results will become. It may take 3-4 treatments to see an improvement but the other side to that is the treatments are very soothing and relaxing every time which may help as well.

There is a website you can check into to find a certified therapist in your area. www.nccaom.org At the bottom of the page is the link to finding someone in your area.

An aside to this information.. Naomi is also an herbalist and is presently working on a paper pertaining to the use of herbs to counteract the side effects of chemotherapy on cancer patients. I hope to be able share at least parts of that when she has completed it.

I hope this acupuncture information helps some. Please do not hesitate to contact me either here or via a PM if there is anything else I can do to help.

My best to you


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