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8 Ways to Create a Positive Mind


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8 Ways to Create A Positive State of Mind

1. Be thankful for just having a life! Be happy you can breathe, walk, talk, love and smile. When we stop to reflect the abundance that we have we begin to see the riches of life.

2. Focus on the simple things in life. Complication seems to torture us in our lives where simplicity comforts us. When we focus on the simple things we focus on true life.

3. Try not to worry! Once we realize that worry really can't change an outcome we begin to see that worry is another learned and useless behavior. It doesn't do us any good to worry.

4. Show your love to someone. Love is the most precious and powerful gift we can bestow on anyone. It has this unique refractory component as well. Expressing love is the chore of our being.

5. Help others with pain. When we help others it helps us too. Try helping others and you will help yourself. It is an amazing result.

6. Live for the moment. We may live for many years, but we really live for moments. Be thankful for all the special moments in your life. Realize when you are having one.

7. Appreciate the experience you gain. Everyday there is so much that you learn. Life is about learning.

8. See your challenges, whether they are big or small, as a test. Life is one big exam that never stops. When we stop and smile in the middle of one of life's tests then it is the equivalent of a passing grade!

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