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Any experience with Procrit for anemia?

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My sister emailed this to me and I wonder if anyone has had any bad experiences with this drug? She was given a shot on Thursday, last week.


I just ran across this information, have you heard this?


Procrit is an anemia drug for certain patients with chronic kidney failure, HIV, or cancer

Procrit is used to reduce blood transfusions during some surgeries

Procrit has caused deaths, non-fatal heart attacks, strokes, heart failure and blood clots in patients with chronic kidney failure receiving higher than recommended doses

More than 50% of dialysis patients in the U.S. regularly receive higher than recommended doses

Procrit has caused accelerated tumor growth and increased risk of death in certain cancer patients

Procrit has caused blood clots in patients undergoing major surgery

An FDA-mandated black box warning has been added to Procrit labeling

Lawsuits are being filed across the country against the drug companies that manufacture and promote Procrit. The FDA continues to receive reports of serious injuries and deaths resulting from Procrit use. The drug companies have been accused of false advertising and using illegal kickbacks, promotions, and marketing strategies. The Procrit label now warns about the life-threatening risks associated with Procrit use. But this warning comes too late for many Procrit patients.

The Law Firm of Howard L. Nations represents people who have been injured by defective drugs. If you or someone you know has suffered serious side effects from taking Procrit, please contact our offices for a free case evaluation by one of our experienced pharmaceutical attorneys.


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Maurice had Aranesp for anaemia but the same warnings came out for it this past summer. Seems some kidney patients experienced problems with it and that is when the medical community became aware of the problems. My son has a serious kidney disease and receives aranesp monthly with no side effects. My hubby got aranesp in 2006 with no side effects. These warnings have been out for over a year and as with every drug there are always potential side effects.I'm sure your sister's doctor is aware of the situation with both procrit and aranesp and I wouldn't worry too much,


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My father gets aranesp for His diabetes and assorted ilnesses that cause anemia and has had no problems. Deb had about a quart of the stuff All told and was pretty much fine the whole time she was getting it for her anemia.

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Mom had a shot of procrit when she started on Alimta. We found out about the FDA black label after she had had the shot. We asked the Dr. about it on the next trip and he said that it only is dangerous when they have to give a high dose. Now what they consider a high dose I have no idea, but Dr. said not to worry.

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I know Colleen did Arenesp, not sure about procrit. I try not to get too tied up in what the dangers and the side effects may or may not be. I try to be blind to that by focusing on the fact that we need to beat the cancer. Once we do that, we'll work on fixing the damage from the drugs that beat the cancer. May not be the best idea, but it's how I get through it. If i read all the side effects of everything she took, besides being bored and confused, I'd probably go crazy. :shock:

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