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The test I took.....


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I failed..... or I should say "I failed at failing", because I PASSED !!!!! :D:shock::D

I'm not sure how they grade things, but before we took the test, we were told we had to get certain numbers on each subject to pass it.

For Math, it was a "7". I got an 8.7 !

For English, Language, and writing skills, the numbers were an "8". I got 12.9 on all of those!!!!

All the way home, I just kept saying "Thank you Lord".

Thank you all also, for praying for me. Looks as if it worked!

Now all I have to do is get a physical, and start the class on November 5th.

Phew, now I'm going to go throw up! :shock:

Thank you all.


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Yes, please ~ Unplug Sparky, although I know you were itching to see if that sucker will still "cook correctly"!!! :D , and unload the guns from the firing squads rifles too!

Thank you all. You're the best support team a person could have!

It wasn't MY hand doing the Math.... I KNOW that! The first question was something about 10 different banks giving out loans. Some of them had a interest rate of 1.25% for 30 years, but if you were a "Business", you got a discount of 1.44%, after which the ratio was divided by the total number of banks in that town"!!!! :shock: I looked at that, closed by eyes, and said "Lord, you better handle this one"!!!! Then I just jabbed the pencil at an answer and hoped for the best! :D:roll::wink:

You don't realize how VERY thankful I am that it's over, and I never have to do it again.

Take care, and thank you, thank you!

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