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I'll be asking the doctor about "Picoplatin" toda


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Harry has an appt. with the Oncologist this morning, along with another round of Taxol.

I just read about a chemo med that I've never heard of. The article stated that it is showing promising results for small cell.

Does anyone have any information on Picoplatin?

I'll ask the doctor too.

Hope you all have a good day today,


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Well, I asked the doctor about it. He said they had a trial study for it at one time, but that it was closed now.

He said "everything looks promising when it's being looked into", so I guess their Study didn't have quite the results they were hoping for.

That's a shame..... :(

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Darn it all! Picoplatin is a variation on carbo and cis. I was aware of it also. I don't know if it has been approved for any use yet by the FDA. (I don't follow the platin's much as Tony is allergic to them.)

Crappy trial ending and crummy FDA! Harumphhh! :? Everyone always talks about trials, but it appears you have to be in the right place, at the right moment, in the right dimension, to slide into one.

Sorry! Hoping that the Taxol is working well for hubs.


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I think the same about the Trial's.

The doctor mentioned something about that particular one being used for patients that were starting their 2nd line of treatment, and since Harry is already on his second line, he wouldn't have been eligible anyway.

The doctor is a little hard to understand sometimes ~ his English is a little "raw"~, but from what I could "get", he didn't seem too hopeful about the Picoplatin. (Especially when he said "They ALL seem promising, at first".) (Bah Humbug) :(

At least the Taxol that Harry is getting now, doesn't make him as sick as the "Platin's" did. Poor guy. He put up with the horrible side effects much longer then I would have been able to, for sure.

Maybe the next drug they come up with will be "it", I hope.



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Poniard Pharmaceuticals has recieved Fast track approval for Picoplatin for Small cell Lung Cancer as of 10/1/2007 Click for article;

http://investor.poniard.com/ReleaseDeta ... eID=262655

Re Trials HUH????? check this out.

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/search ... picoplatin

SPECIFICALLY Numbers 1 and 4! :shock:

From Poniards site is this update..


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Hi Randy,

Maybe Harry's doctor meant the Trial was finished at Moffitt Cancer Center, where Harry goes for his treatment...???

I hope it goes on until December elsewhere, like the article states it will. Also hope it proves to help stop the spread of SC.

Like I said, it's a bit hard to understand this Doctor. He had his back turned to me too, while washing his hands, on top of using his heavily accented English! :roll: (Most times when we finish seeing him, and are walking out of the room, Harry looks at me and says "What did he say"????? :shock: )

Thanks for the article's. I sure hope the Picoplatin helps SOMEONE!

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Just checked Moffitt. Study isa active but not recruiting anymore. Sorry Bout that and Hope something helps. LET ME KNOW IF I CAN HELP WITH ANYTHING....But need details what are you searching for exactly

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Thanks Randy, I appreciate you!

In answer to your question~

("But need details what are you searching for exactly")~

The answer to that is: a "CURE"!!! THAT'S what I'm searching for exactly!! :D

Until then, I'm just hoping for....a cure!!! :wink:

Seriously, Harry is more then willing to go into a Trial Study, but he never fits the criteria they set for any of them. It's aggravating.

Thanks for the help,


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I have a local oncologist who is very competent I am sure, but I have a hard time following his accent. If I am looking at a new treatment possibility or a consultation, I go to Seattle for a treatment recommendation and then go to the local clinic to implement it. My local oncologist directed me to the Seattle doc and knows that I see him too from time to time. It is a 3-hour drive for me to Seattle and my local clinic is just 40 minutes away.

Don M

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