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Trouble logging in..Dean is in the hospital.


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Not sure what is going on with my registration. I have registered. Got the confirmation email telling me to go to the link to validate it, which I did.

Everytime I try to log in, it says invalid. I asked it to reset the password, but it still gives me an invalid user name and or password.

I have emailed rick" to tell him the problems that I am having, but no answer so far.

Dean has had a hard weekend. Chest pain, difficulty breathing, fever, aches, pains, joint pain, bone pain...etc.

He has taken many darvocet this weekend, which is not helping any longer.

His fever got to 102. I called the onocologist and he admitted Dean to the hospital last night. They took two different blood cultures, started an IV...hung two different iv antibiotics. Gave him dilaudid (sp?)...tylenol and oxygen.

He wanted me to come home to be with our daughter, Bethany that is 7 years old. We had left her asleep with a friend we had called to come over and watch her when I took Dean to the hospital. He did not want her to wake up this morning with neither of us here to explain what was happening.

They are running test today..(not sure which ones..I do know one is an xray). I showed the nurse the spot on his back. She could also feel it.

The nurse's husband has lymphoma.

Well, Bethany is in the tub, got to get her ready for school...then up to the hospital.

Thanks again for all your support....Hopefully next time I will be able to login to post.



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Dear dear Lynne,

Rough night. Sympathies. I hope your doctors can get the various symptoms sorted out and figure out what's going on with Dean, that alone will be much relief right there. Take care of your daughter, no need to have her any more upset over this than absolutely necessary. They don't talk about it alot, but it affects them down deep. My girls are now 8 and 14, so I know they don't talk.

Prayers are with you for some answers soon.


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Saying prayers for you and daughter and Dean... Maybe he has pneumonia, I ran a 102 fever in September. Had chills, sweating and etc... They will give him antibiotics and be home reall soon. Keep the faith, stay strong and think positive. We are here for you, so hang in there... Your neighbor in Corona, CA..

Warm Regards,


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Hello Lynne;

Please know you, your daughter and Dean are in my thoughts and prayers!! So very sorry you are all having a rough time of it. It does sound like pneumonia, also had it right before they found the cancer.

God bless, hang in there, and many are sending prayers your way!

Bobmc- NSCLC-stage IIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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