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I actually should have requested this hall pass a while ago, because I just don't have the time to come on here as much as I did...

My busy season at work is heating up, and due to my new position, I have even less time than I did in previous years (whcih was barely!). And when I do have spare time, the 8 year old still needs attention, go figure! :wink:

SO although I will still find time to check the board on occassion- at least the forum I co-moderate, I won't be posting much (as you probably have seen already).

I guess that IS the ultimate survivor story - your life continues to happen, and to evolve and you become swallowed up by such mundane things like "when am I going to have time to clean my truck?". As silly as that sounds, sometimes it feels good to live like the common folk... :lol: (don't worry, as soon as I have to cough, I land back to earth with a thud because I am certain 'it' is back).

Anyway, I am not leaving, am just fully immersed in this survivorship thing called life, this time of year...

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Will be thinking of you Debi... Good luck out there and do find time for yourself...

Come back from time to time just to say hi...

Will miss you, but I know in my heart that you did beat this thing.

Take care my friend,

Maryanne :wink:

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