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Remission but losing weight and tired


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I have not been on here in quite a while. The last year has been tough in many ways but at least my husband has not had to have anymore treatment. I guess it's a good news/bad news thing.

On the bright side, they have been doing MRI's every 3 months and the one spot that shows up is growing very, very slowly. Then the oncologist did two pets 6 months apart, with a CT in between, and nothing showed up, so he told us not to come back for 6 months and used the R word. He was worried about the loss of 6-8 pounds in 6 months, but the tests reassured him.

However, it seems to me that my husband is weaker and still losing weight gradually. Sleeps more, has more trouble getting things done. Considering all he's been through, we are happy that he can walk, talk, drive, work puzzles and putter around. But I still worry. Apparently nothing bad has showed up in his blood tests at the oncologist. We have gone only to cancer doctors for the last four years except when he has a sinus infection. Then he goes to a walk in clinic.

I guess I'm wondering if I should find a general practitioner and have him running tests on him as well. I know my husband will resist the idea of more doctors. And am also wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and, if so, what you did about it.

I have a daughter getting married in two weeks (that's another of those good news/bad news things - love the fiance, hate the wedding planning)and don't have much time to read or do research right now, so any input is appreciated.

I am still angry that lung cancer research is not a higher priority - no one deserves to have to go through these things. Had to get that off my chest once again:)

God bless to all.

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If you have doubts, get a second opinion!! My thoughts. Congrats and have fun at the wedding. IF ya get arrested, though, :lol:Do not call me for bail money Am broke but happy!!!! :lol:

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After reading your husband's profile, I see he has really been through alot. It's no wonder you wait and worry. This disease will make the most normal, sane person go crazy with worry and wonder ifs.

My husband hasn't been through what your husband has but he is always fatigued by noon. He has lost about 10 pounds since his radiation in August and will be getting scans this week and next. Very scary.

I don't think it would hurt at all to see the general practitioner but I know what you mean about him resisting. I'm quite sure he is "over doctors" as my husband is.

Blessings to you, his most loving wife and caregiver and prayers for him to feel stronger again.

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My husband had been battling the beast for a little

over 2 years now. We constantly battle Alan's weight

he lost another 15 pounds and is down to 159, but all

his recent scans came back stable. Like your husband

Alan gets tired after the smallest of tasks, but at

this point we figure his body has been through so

much, that this is the price he is paying for not only the cancer, but all the treatment.

We still see all his drs every 2 months and scan

every 3 months as Alan's last recurrance was in Jan.

Alan, like your husband, is able to do everything for

himeself (for the most part) and all things considered, lives a pretty full life.

You have to have a comfort level though and if you

feel the need to see a general practitioner then you

probably should.

Enjoy the wedding. Alan missed his daughters as he was in ICU. So enjoy the wonderful momemnt of

your daughter getting married. :P

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Congrats on the remission! That is FABULOUS news! I do know what you are saying though, and I think my dad went through this as well. I remember thinking, "Wow...he just got a lease on his life, and it seems that we are still struggling." I can say that dad really came around after year one. I know that sounds like forever, but I guess what I am saying is that 1...we have learned to live with a new normal and 2...they find their own comfort level.

I am, however, an advocate of a second opinion. If it just doesn't seem right, then check it out.



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Thank you all. He said this morning that "sometimes I think there's something wrong with me" and we both had a good laugh. Once the wedding is over, I think I'll schedule both of us for a physicians visit just to make sure. It's good to know that he's not the only one who has this problem and that I'm not the only one who worries when things are going well.

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My first instinct was to say that a primary care physician would often be intimidated by the cancer diagnosis and not likely add much to the workup compared with seeing a second oncologist, but the suggestions are right that this could easily be related to thyroid function or some other non-cancer issue. Sometimes oncologists see the world as just "cancer" or "not cancer -- and therefore not a major problem"; a general physician may provide a broader perspective and a pair of fresh eyes to to take in the whole story. Of course, that presumes he'd be interested in seeing someone else.

-Dr. West

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