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CT scan results


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Had xrays and CT scan on same day middle of September. Radiologist didn't like the xray and called my dr, who authorized a CT scan. I of course was a coward and had to be talked through having something almost cover my head or part of my head, but made it. They were very patient with me.

Seems my cancer has spread to my right lung. Saw my oncologist 10/19 (today) and he is starting me on chemo next week in the hospital. They'll be using Taxol and Avastin. His tech gave me brochures and info and instructions. She explained about possible side effects. Losing my hair again - for the 3rd time. Not happy. Will have to find my wigs.

Hope the treatment is bearable.

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Just want to thank everyone for their support and prayers.

I forgot to say the CT scan also showed a pleural effusion and a slightly enlarged heart. I knew I had a pleural effusion since it's causing my shortness of breath. One of my sisters told me today she has a slightly enlarged heart also and has had it for awhile. So that's not bothering me anymore.

Called the hospital about parking since I will be driving there. It's about a 15 minute drive. I was worried about parking and having to walk a good distance. They have valet service that starts at 6:00 a.m. so that's made me happy. Being a patient I may not have to pay . At least not for the parking.

I'll of course report on my side effects when/if it happens.

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