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Hospital stay/fever/pain control


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Hello to all and thank you for your wonderful messages and encouraging words. I have just gotten out of the hospital after a 5 day stay. Arrived in ambulance. Oct. 14th I started having severe muscle spasms in the chest with extreme pain. DX'd with post op thoracic syndrome from the surgery Sept. 7, 2006, lower left lobectomy. The doctor had me on morphine pain meds and started me on Lyrica, a derivitive of neurontin (which I had side effects with before) this is supposed to be the new neurontin. Also ran 101 to 102 degrees of fever, woke up wet every morn bed and me. Pain med doc said fever was from pain stress??? Also, said I reacted to the morphine. I really don't feel this adds up right. Blood counts were still low wbc and rbc and some others, plus some high that shouldn't be high. I don't understand all the dialogues here. But am now just weak, feel as though a mac truck ran over me and tho still in pain, its pain I can handle with the new pain meds. Pain med doc wants to do cortisone inj's in spine for pain and inj's in the ribs to control the pain better. I'm tired of needles and do not want this. Has anyone else had this done and if so has it been successful? Thanks for any input here as all is so new to me. God bless you each one, Sally

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Pain , there in itself can reak havoc on your body, that is working so hard. Pain Mgmt. w/ injections, which block nerve paths , so they can calm down do work. You are generally givien IV sedation pre treatment, which makes the treatment tolerable.

Keep us posted, Mary

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