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Mom's Dx


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Well, I just got the call from Mom with her Dx. I haven't seen this but you can bet I'll be doing some research. She has adenocarcinoma with small cell characteristics. They believe it is fast growing and will be treating it as a SCLC.

Per the pulmonologist, they will probably be treating her with simultaneous chemo and radiation. She has her appts with the onc's next week and chemo already on the schedule for the week after that. They are working on getting her PET and MRI done so the rad onc's can figure out their plan. For now she is a stage III but the doc explained that will go to a IV if it has spread anywhere else. We'll know for sure next week but based on her CT scan, it seems likely.

I've been prepared for this (or similar) Dx, but I still feel like I've been punched in the gut. And why aren't I crying?

Anyone have experience with this Dx (with the SCLC characteristics)? Any success stories out there??

Thanks to all of you - this is the first place I came after getting the call and talking with my husband.

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I don't have experience with an adeno w/ small cell characteristics dx. However, I wanted to say I'm sorry to hear this news.

I remember that feeling of being punched in the gut well. And I didn't cry much either. I was in fight mode and had no time to deal with emotions. The emotions do catch up with you eventually though. And that's what we're here for.

I'm sending my best wishes to you and your mom for a positive outcome.


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I didn't know you could get adenocarcinoma with small cell characteristics. I suppose that means is it will be very responsive to chemo like small cell is.

My adenocarcinoma is slow growing and it has ignored 2 chemos and 33 image guided radiation treatments. I think my latest treatment, cyberknife, made it stop growing.

I hope your mom’s treatment will be very effective and thorough.

Don M

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Thanks Nyca, for your kind words and reassurance that this is a normal reaction. Yesterday was a bit of a better today, and today we're taking the kids and mom to see The Bee Movie. Hopefully it's funny - I think we can all use a good laugh together! I want to make sure we're maximizing this time before she starts her chemo and radiation (the week of 11/12).

And Don, her Dx was a new one to me, too. I was able to get some clarity from Dr. West on onctalk that I found reassuring. It's apparently a "mixed histology" with some SCLC cells and some NSCLC cells. So then they treat it as SCLC, which Dr. West explained to me is very similar to the treatment for NSCLC.

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