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Well this morning went a little better she went 45min off the vent. Her stats from the beginning have stayed great it’s just the breaths per min. When I say off the vent they turn it to where she is controlling the breaths. She did really good this morning but got tired after about 45min so we will try again tomorrow. She improved by 15min so that’s good news. She also was not running fever all day yesterday. As far as her saying take the tube out she agreed as of yesterday to keep it in. We spoke with the nurse and she said that this is very normal that almost everyone that is aware and awake wants it out (of course!!!) she said that we don't have to worry too much decisions yet that 12 days is where they start to say more long term.....I pray mom will be able to hold in there deal with the tube. We are just taking it one day at a time. Mom's dad and step mom and brothers are coming tomorrow. The only thing that scared me about that is I feel like she will see them and go why are they all here? I AM NOT DIEING YET!!!! And may get upset a little.....but then she may be really happy to see them....it’s the unknown that scares me. Thank to everyone prayers and positive feed back I don't know where I would be with out you all.

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I am glad to read that your Mom is improving. That is good news. As far as her relatives coming, I thought the same thing when my sister saw family, that she had not seen in awhile. She never said anything, but I could see in her eyes that she was thinking that she must be dying. We just assured her that they wanted to come and see her because she was in the hospital and not feeling well. I am sure she will enjoy the visit.

Take care and keep in touch,


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Well my dad just called me (I am at work :( ) He said mom is off the arm restraints completly and that she is breathing almost all on her own. She gave him a dirty look today. She some how told him that her stomach hurts because she has to go to the bathroom....they gave her some more morphine. We have (the famliy) a meeting with the Dr's tomorrow morning at 10am to go over everything. He told my dad something about what we expect is not what my mom expects (whatever that means ) Guess we will find out tomorrow.

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I had the same exact feelings about having people come to visit my dad...I was scared that he would think that we thought he was dying. Looking back, I realize that those visits were really important both for him and for our close friends and family.

Also know that the pain meds. can cause constipation--and that may be why your mom's stomach hurts.

As for your meeting with the doctor tomorrow, you may want to write down some questions for him/her. I found that these types of meetings were so overwhelming--it was hard to remember everything that I wanted to ask...

My thoughts are with you and your family.



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So glad to hear your mom is improving. Like you said one day at a time. Hopfully she will be weaned completey off the vent real soon. She may just need oxygen but she can difinetely deal with that.

Continued prayers sent to your mom. Glad she does not have a fever. Seems to me she is on her way to recovery.

Maryanne :wink:

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