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geeez what next?


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SOooo the SiIL is outta town an I said I would let her dogs out an feed them since the weather is crap (small ICE storm) an they need to be inside during the day... so i go to leave this morning an I find my Dad is sitting on the top step smoking a cig so I stop to tell him what im doin.

he says ... "hey help me up..."

I tease "what your Butt freeze to the concrete?"

He laughs..."nooo I fell and I cant stand by myself so I figured I'd get up with a hand"

so now Im concerned I ask him if he hit his head or anything an how he fell.... he tells me can you belive this...

HE says ..." i fell on the landing an landed on my butt when I couldnt stand right away I crawled to the top step and took a break...."

"What! LOL you got all the way to the top step an DIDNT bang on the door? geeez its like 23 degrees out here"

he waves his hand in a nonchalant manner.... he said " I was getting to it I wanted another cig"

so I figure hes ok no back or neck pain so I get him up with the help of the hubby to open the door and get him in where its at least warm.... call 911... an we get da whole show fire truck, ambulance, everything.

I knew when he stood up how his leg felt an him standing that it was broken just not how bad...

we got lucky the bone broke at the base of the ball at the top of the Femur with a single clean snap.

he has to have surgery tomorrow morning to corect it. but its a easy fix...they will go in an take the broken top of the femur ball out an completly replace it.

recovery from surgery to being able to stand as early as 4 days! AMAZING

from working in care homes I know how much worse it could have been. so many older ppl break a hip and are laid up for weeks to months...

so pray/send good thoughts/energy for him to get cleared for surgery. and for surgery to be a success and for fast recovery... he was supposed to start Tarceva next week but I dont know what they will do NOW?!?!?! can you even take that while recovering from a break??

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sooo TARCEVA is off the menu to start on the 14th... cant have it till after full recovery from surgery...

It was a full hip replacement... if he can follow the fast pace of Acute rehab he will be able to do in hospital rehab which is about 2-3 weeks... if not then he will be transfered to a care facility and that can last up to 3 months....

and of course no treatment till healed....

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Oh sheesh! Glad to hear surgery went well...stinks that it was a full hip replacement, though! Just remind him that he'll have a nifty new scar to show off to the nurses :wink::lol:

I had to laugh...I could see *me* sitting there having my cigarette before knocking for help :shock: because I'd know that once I knocked for help I wouldn't get another one for quite a while! :lol:

Many prayers for you and your dad!

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today they tell me that they are going to forgo rehab he is doing really well and will be fine with in home PT/OT and home health... then I get to the hospital an Im told he is still doing well but they had to put the Catheter BACK in because he hadnt gone for nearly 12 hrs.... now they are thinkin of sending him home with a leg bag for his Cath and leaving it in for a week...

All the while telling me he is coming home I am telling them well what about a commode or a hospital bed or what ect... Can you belive the PT told me to have him sleep on the couch for the first couple days till home health or pt come out...Dads fine with that... IM not I have NO toilet on the Lower floor at all. and no one can tell me when they will give us a commode.... but dang they sure can tell me he is goin HOME tomorrow... and if I dont have the proper equipment prior I am going to Pitch a big old fit...

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"kaneohegirl" ...but dang they sure can tell me he is goin HOME tomorrow...

That's a running joke (the sick kind) in my wife's caregivers' support group. The shell-shocked family member with zero caregiving experience is in the hospital room with the relative who's out of immediate danger but still quite helpless, then the nurse comes in and with a big smile says "you can take him home now!" "Huh?"

That's when the real fun begins -- right, KG?



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