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Couging and Advair


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I was wondering if anyone that has had chest radiation could tell me if the coughing ever stops ?

It is getting better but I just feel I will always have it from the radiation. Lots of phelm, mucinex and water and going to the bathroom from the water is all I seem to get done. Also anyone on Advair inhaler, been using it over a month now and was wondering if it caused your voice to be hoarse ?

I never had any coughing until after radiation now I stay with a lung infection all the time. I guess maybe its a good trade off but it is very annoying,

going around spitting up all the time. Thanks to anyone that can reply, especially about the Advair inhaler, kinda worried about the hoarseness is it the Advair or something else ? Thanks

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I know most people who have had radiation that still cough and I'm talking years later. I after 12 years still have a cough. Somedays worse then others. I KNOW I have some radiation damage and there's nothing that can be done for that.

HOWEVER, at our In Person Support Group we learned not to long ago that VICKS Yes VICKS on the bottom of your feet when going to bed at night seems to lessen the COUGH!! People have done it and swear by it! So, you might want to give that one a try.

Always left your doctor know what's going on though so you can keep on top of things. Better to be safe the sorry.

Oh, heart problems (issues) can cause a cough, and Advair won't help with that. (so I've learned) I have radiation damage to my heart. Radiation to the heart makes the heart turn to stone. ALL my doc's have told me I have this damage to my heart, and now I am dealing with heart problems and yes a cough to boot. We atomaticly think it's the lung, but NOT ALWAYS!

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I use Advair and it does cause hoarseness, sometimes. I have also developed a "thrush throat" :roll: (for lack of better term...) from inadequate rinsing/gargling after inhalation. It feels like hair growing on the back of your throat (ewww!) and appears like a spotty, white "plaque". This is listed as a fairly common occurence with Advair. On the bright side, Advair has been a real help with my breathing issues. Hopefully, it will do the same for you. I would ask your doc, like Connie said. Probably just a side-effect, but ALWAYS better to be sure. :wink:

Yours in HOPE!


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Hi Barb!

Sorry to hear about the hoarseness and cough. Advair never caused any of those types of symptoms for my husband. He had a cough on and off anyway, but didn't worsen on Advair and he used it for a long time. Never any hoarseness either. Advair just opens up the bronchial airways to help breathe better. (Make sure you rinse your mouth after using this though.)

Best wishes to you!


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just to add, yes, hoarseness can be a side effect of advair. it does it to me, gives me that nice brenda vaccarro/kathleen turner thing. :) but it is in the label for advair, so i wouldn't worry about it, it is a side effect of advair and not likely an indication of something else.

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