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Update on Aaron


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Aaron and I want to thank you all for the incredible amount of support you have given us. I read Aaron all of your responses last night, and it really warmed his heart. We saw the Dr. again today and the results of the spinal MRI showed that there's a few tumors along the spine, in the back bones, and in his spinal fluid. It also showed that there is a new tumor at the base of his neck close to his spinal cord. They want to do radiation to the neck area to get that under control, and then they want to radiate his hip and his back to alleviate some of the pain he's having. The doctor said again today that we have exhausted the chemotherapy options for Aaron, and his neuropathy is so bad I don't think he wants any more anyway. There's only a few clinical trials that Aaron would qualify for, and Dr. Krug is still researching more. The problem is that Aaron has to be 4 weeks out of radiation to be able to start one of the trials. I think our main concern right now is getting rid of the unbearable pain he has. He can start the radiation as early as tomorrow, but we haven't confirmed it yet. It looks like he may or may not get out of the hospital in time for Christmas. Let's hope the radiation will help the pain, and we can get him started on a clinical trial.

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