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when do you stop thinking everything is cancer?


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My dad has had a cough for a while now but he always says hes fine, well last May he ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. they put him on oxygen and though he hasnt been using it much latly he still has it. so my sister called me last nite and said Dad was coughing ALOT yesterday and to call him and nag him to go to the doctor well I didnt get the chance because he ended up going to the emergency room last nite and again they say its a touch of pneumonia. The doctor said my mom had pneumonia and had her on 2 rounds of antibiotics and it was only when she landed in the hospital and they tested the fluid from her lung that they discoverd "it" was really lung cancer. So my ??'s are... is it reasonable for me to request(insist) on another chest x-ray after he is done with the med"s?, Is it reasonable, since he had pneumonia less than a year ago' to request a CT scan and do I really want to go "looking for trouble"? How do I keep the panic from setting in?

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I see nothing wrong with asking. I think we all worry...and you know what, Katie is right...early detection is the key...unfortunately none of us is safe from this bugger, so it is a good thing to be on the safe side.

Blessings for just boring old pneumonia!


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