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Update...Pets/Ct scan results mixed bag


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Well me and char have been fighting our fight and our scan results are good and bad. First the good. Her Lungs are doing OK as well as the lymph nodes on the chest. The maximum SUV in the posterior Pllower Pleura previously measured 18.0 now measures 1.9. Activity along the superior-lateral Pleura is not changed significantly. Maximum SUV measures 7.0 and currently measures 7.0. Activity in the remainder of the soft tissues is Negative.

Now the bad news Several lesions are seen in both lobes of the liver. These are new compared to the prior pet scan. We also have multiple osseous lesions throughout the visualized skeleton. We are going to start a new chemo treatment on 1/16/08.

Carboplatin and alimta. We are also going to sched and appointment with a different oncology group for a second opinion as well as possibly a new doctor. We are happy with our current ONC group but due to the fact that our insurance group and the finance dept at our current ONC group does not get along we may be forced to change. The insurance company says we are out of "network" whatever that means. What IT boils down to is the ONC doctors are trying to be in the pharmaceutical business as well as be doctors :(. The insurance company has a contract with a company named care-mark and the onc group has their "own" drug supplier that they mark up from to make a profit of the patient!!! It is all about the almighty dollar and it make me SICK!!! Ok I vented...jus want to thank all her for their support and Charlotte and I are staying positive despite all the BS!!!

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