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Putting my gloves back on


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Hi everyone, just wanted to let you all know that I am back from San Antonio, and that I loved every minute of it. :D

I saw my oncologist yesterday, he said that I look great, I know I feel great. He said that I gained 9 pounds, and I really didn't want to hear that, but I know that I will need the extra weight once I get back on my chemo, which I will be starting on Monday morning. I know it sounds strange but I am happy to be getting back to it. I get to have my ct scan after this round, so I finally will get some answers as to how well it is working. I have been feeling so good that I really pray that nothing shows up on the scan, that would truly be a blessing.

I will update again on Monday night if I am feeling up to it.


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I'm glad that you are feeling so well, Bobbie. I'll hope too that NOTHING shows up. Wouldn't that just be awesome. Can't wait to hear your update. We don't discuss wieght in this household. I just creep up a pound or two every time I make a doc visit. That adds up after 3 years, ya know :?:roll::twisted: !!


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