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Breathing Difficulties After Operation

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Hi Everyone,

Haven't been on for quite some time now. I have been very busy taking care of mom and the family since my mom had her surgery. Update on mom is that she had her upper right lobe removed along with center of chest lymph nodes sucessfully without many complications and has been home recovering. The only complication which is a big one is that my mom has not been breathing very well. She went to the pulmonary doc and he said her capacity was not as good as it should be. She has oxygen at home. Now she goes for a doppler and new cat scan to determine if her port is causing a blod clot in the lung. So not really sure what to make of all this. My mom is so depressed and says she will never get back to breathing right again. She can't even walk downstairs to my apartment -its heartbreaking to me. I believe in time the doc can get her back to some normalcy. According to my mom that will never be - she is so sad. Any advice from others who had this operation would be greatly appreciated and just to let me know that they got through that part of the struggle. Hope everyone out there is holding their own and doing well.



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I was very short of breath too after they removed my left lung. I didn't think I would EVER beable to breathe normal again. (WRONG)!!!! This is a SLOW recovery. It takes time and we need to excercise and walk. Walking is the best thing she can do to build up her lung capacity, but it doesn't happen over night. I was unable to take long walks for the first 5 months or so after my surgery. It's just the way it is. But after a while, I did it, and I was right back to doing things I had done before.

She needs to know she can do this and that others have done it too and have pulled through just fine.

She needs to set her mind to SLOW GOING!! (I'm sorry, but it really is slow going). But, she can do this.

I'm glad the doctor is checking her too. It's always best to check everything out as well. Keep us posted. Best wishes to your mom.

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