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Brain tumor, the next step

Greeneyes, (Toddy)

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First I want to thank you for your comments, prayers, best wishes and information passed on from experience, all are appreciated.

Today I met with our local Radiology Oncologist, and once again the news under the circumstances is more good than bad. His first words after hello were Sterotactic, meaning I am a good candidate for a Gamma Knife type procedure. I will be referred to one of two doctors the Oncologist has dealt with in the past and respects. MD Anderson, although close was not a recommendation because my tumor is only 7mm; 9mm including swelling and consider not urgent by their terms. Naturally to me and to the Oncologist I saw today time is of the essence and I will go to either Okalahoma City or Kansas City for treatment based on which of the doctors can see and perform the treatment first.

The preparation time for the procedure is much longer than the procedure it’s self, so today I was given steroids to help the swelling (headaches) and a little problem with depth perception. Small as it is in the frontal lobe the location can cause swelling which may put a little pressure on other lobes. I don’t understand all of this but feel in good hands and will continue to take each individual situation as it comes. By Friday I should know where and when.

My best wishes to all of you,


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Ah Toddy................can you feel my disappointment??? I was SO hoping that all would be well. BUT sounds as if you doc is right on top of things and a good plan is in place. So we'lll go with that for now. I continue to send my best wishes and positive vibes. Try to keep that great attitude.


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