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Hanks second chemo treatment tomorrow

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Well, here we go. Round 2. Hope he comes through this one as easily as the first. The only side effects he experienced was some discomfort from Neulasta shot. I little extra tiredness on and off. And one night violently ill. I attribute this to massive amounts of Butter Pecan Ice Cream! But who knows.

Hank does have emphysema. His breathing difficulties have been more pronounced since his bout with pneumonia which landed him in the hospital where is diagnosis was made. He started using a nebulizer about a week ago.

Since starting the nebulizer his breathing seems improved one day, then the next, not so good.

The question is: Might the chemo be partly responsible for his SOB? I plan to speak to the doctor about this tomorrow as well.

Any ideas or thoughts from you all are appreciated.

All the best,


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The question is: Might the chemo be partly responsible for his SOB?

I developed considerable SOB during my 5th and 6th taxol/carbo/avastin cycles. Since the scans were improving, the pleural effusion was reducing, the blood counts and blood pressure readings were good, and the lung sounds were getting better, my onc concluded that it very possibly was from the cumulative effect of chemo. Hank's emphysema may complicate the picture. Aloha,


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Wow, my husband had no problems with his breathing on the carbo/taxol combo. It kept getting better and better and he had emphysema too. He did have profound breathing problems and needed a wheelchair by the time he finished his taxotere/gemzar combo. That really mucked up the works, but was caused by humongous fluid retention which is a possible side effect from prolonged taxotere use. (Plus he also had a few radiation treatments during that time, adding to the problem.) That was his first foray into pleural effusion too -- even though he only had the primary tumor remaining.

Alimta also caused a nasty breathing problem for him the next year that never did resolve. More pleural effusion and loculation. Yuk.

Definitely check this out with the doctor as chemo can be screwy in different ways for each person. You're getting to know the drill Gail, what goes for one person may be radically different for another. It's like my friend always told me -- each person's body is it's own unique chemical factory.

Good Luck to you and your hubby for some answers,


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