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Update of Kathi's Dad: Good news


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Hi all,

As many of you know, my dad hasn't been feeling so well lately. He finished his 35 radiation treatments about a month ago and was 1/3 done with his chemo before he was hospitalized with extremely low WBC, heart problems, fevers, and a bad reaction to oxycotin. Well my dad has been home from the hospital for over a week ( or 2...I lose track of time) now and he sounds sooooo much better. He finished his 4th round of chemo and hasn't had any negative effects.

He had an MRI yesterday and was called and told to come in today by his oncologist and chemotherapist. His cancer mass (tumor) is completely gone with NED anywhere else!! My brother (who went with him....and also my mom) said that my dad broke down and started crying in unison with his oncologist and chemotherapist! Of course we all realize that his is not in the clear but we are so hopeful because he only had the one tumor and still has 2 more rounds of chemo to go and then his PCI treatments after the chemo. My dad said that the good news (regardless of the future) was worth all the trouble. I just thought I would pass that along to everyone. We shall see what the future holds but in the meantime I will take any bit of good news I can get.

Kathi :lol::lol:

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Keo, Great news ! It sounds like your father has really turned the corner and is heading in the right direction. The other 2 rounds of chemo may be just as beneficial as the first 4 i dont know. It is great that the tumor is gone so early. I would be very much in favor of definately finishing all 6 rounds no matter what. Of course this is my opinion. The first 4 rounds of my treatment also knocked the crap out of the tumor. Just out of curiosity Keo has your father ever ask his Dr. about a PET scan ? During the course of my treatments i certainly wish i had ask for one before i was declared NED. Just some ideas. Best wishes to your father it sounds like he is kicking butt. Keep us posted.


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Hi Greg,

You know I was wondering about a PET scan. I am going to talk to my dad about it and then call my dad's oncologist and talk to him about a PET scan. I'm so nervous about recurrence, I was wondering how often they would do scans? Thanks for bring it up Greg.


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What great news! Makes me even more optimistic about my dad. He's about two mos after your dad on diagnosis. Was in hospital when diagnosed and ended up in ICU when they OD'd him on pain meds. He also had terrible reaction to oxycontin. He did radiation and I believe same chemo drugs. Thanks for sharing this great news! My dad is feeling great right now, but goes for chemo 3x next week -- bad Thanksgiving timing. Also has to talk to Dr. about possible new lymph node site. Did your dad have lymph nodes affected? Take care and CELEBRATE! Whoo-hoo!

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