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Mother's Day


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Well, you knew someone would post it. :( What do we--that have lost our mothers--do on Mother's Day? This is my first one without her, and I would like to somehow make it special. (And not hide under the covers like I really want to.)

Does anyone have any ideas?



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Oh Sweetie, there really is no easy fix to this answer or to greiving.

Your going to cry alot and maybe even laugh a little this time around but none the less, it's tough the first and second year.

Do something that your mom might have done. She's here with you, you just can't see her or hear her, but she's with you everyday, every minute, &every second. (((((((((LESLIE)))))))))))

I always plant flower's at my mom & dad, son, sister, MIL, FIL's graves on Mother's Day. (it's a busy day for me) Then I release a balloon for each one of them as Katie mentioned.

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Thanks yall. I like the planting idea...I planted a tree right after my Daddy died (because it was my Christmas present from some family members), but I haven't gotten around to planting one in Mom's memory yet. That would be a good thing.

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I plan to plant a flowering tree. They are beautiful, just like my mother was.

I don't know that I want to think about it. My first mother's day without her. Actually I can't think about it right now. I'm numb and I don't know that I'll ever have feeling again.

Where is my mother when I need to get her advice on what to do with my kids? Where is she when I have had a bad day or a good day for that matter? Where is she when I want to go shopping? She's not here and it's not fair.

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It is my understanding that mothers day was started by a woman who was grieving for her mother, so this is, in a sense, OUR day.

That said, this mother's day will be especially tough for me, as it is my wife's first mother's day. And thus I should be happy and celebrate her. But it is a day that has had only one meaning for me and last year the day was turned on its ear.

I often find my anticipation of special days has been worse than the days themselves. So I will concentrate on Keri and her new motherhood and I will break some time out to be in the garden, which is exactly where Mom would have spent the day.

I do miss her so.

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