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Update on dad


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Dad had his surgery on May 2 and returned home on May 11. (What a wonderful Mothers Day present for me!!!) They ended up having to remove 2 lobes instead of 1 due to the radiation damage, so the 3 to 4 hour surgery ended up taking 6 to 7 hours. He was up walking a little the next day and off of oxygen. He had some problems with irregular heartbeat from the trauma of the surgery, but once that was regulated everything went well. Every day is a steady progression of recovery. He is still coughing quite a bit which is painful, but expected. I am so surprised how fast he is recovering. To look at him you would never know that he just went through a major surgery. (He liked all the nurses in the hospital telling him how great he looked!! :lol: )

His surgeon called him at home on Monday and told him that he couldn't believe the results from the biopsy of the 2 lobes and lymph nodes that were removed, so he had them test them again.....NO SIGNS OF CANCER!!!! :D:D (Do I actually get to say NED?!?!) He, of course, could not promise him that the cancer would not come back, but told him he had as good a chance as anyone to beat this!!! So we thank God for his blessings and will enjoy each day and take it one day at a time.

Thank all of those who prayed for my father and my family. Dad firmly believes that his faith has brought him this far.


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WOW!!! What fabulous news Teresa!!!

People have said the same thing about Tom that to look at him you would not know he was sick. I remember when Tom was walking in the hall after his quad bypass and one of the nurses told him he was looking good. And he of course said " I always thought so."

You gotta loves those tough guys.

I will continue to pray that he has a steady recovery.

Keep the faith!!


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