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Hi everybody,

For any of you who have been following Hank's journey, you know that he has had some complications since his diagnosis in February. He originally had pneumonia in February, when he was diagnosed. We assume this was successfully treated, but then again, maybe not.

He then developed a blood clot which was successfully treated. Then, a couple of weeks ago he was admitted to the hospital again with pneumonia. He was released from the hospital on Thursday, and was sent home to further recouperate. He continues to have SOB, coughing, etc. He is not on antibiotics at this point. How long can it take for pneumonia to clear up completely? Does anybody know? I'm wondering if his first bout ever completely cleared. Meanwhile, he is scheduled for an office visit with his oncologist Friday morning, and presumably, chemo treatment will follow. I am quite concerned about his having the chemo treatiment if the pneumonia is still in his system. We are also concerned about putting off the chemo treatment for any extended period of time, since he is now a week behind schedule due to his hospitalization.

Anyway, any of you who have had experiences of this sort, I'd like to hear from you.



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Hi Gail,

Sorry to hear that Hank is still not felling well. MY thoughts are that he shouldnt get the chemo if there is any chance that he still has the pneumonia. twice my Dad was "sick" and he got chemo and the first time, he was in the hospital for 2 weeks, the 2nd... well he just didnt ever get better after that if you know what I mean. I never understood why the Onc. went ahead with treatment, when Dad was not well. It seems to me that maybe the body was "busy" fighting of the bug, how can it handle chemo too?

And to answer you question about putting off chemo... there were a number of times that Dads chemo was delayed and it never changed his cancer status (meaning no progression) It seemed that he was always due to have chemo right at christmas time so it was delayed a week, or when he was in the hopsital. I think the longest he went with out treatment was 5-6 weeks.

I hope that I was able to help you a little bit. Take care, and never be to scared to call the MD at anytime... thats what they are getting paid for, right?!?


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Hi Gail. I would be concerned about the pneumonia as well and am sure his docs are. In my opinion, I don't think moving chemo around a bit is a huge issue in the grander scheme of things. Mine was moved around to accomodate my schedule...and my doctor didn't think that was a big deal at all. Your situation may be different though. But I do think it is in the patient's best interest to be healthy during chemo or things could just get worse. I hope things start turning around soon. Take care


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Gail -

In February of 2006, I was hospitalized for 3 days with pneumonia. The day I went home was supposed to be my chemo day, so obvious they postponed it. BUT - I did have my chemo on February 14th, altho I was sent home with antibiotics.

I agree you should call the doc and find out what his feelings are on this - they told me missing a few days is absolutely NOT a big deal, cancer doesn't grow that fast!!

Sure do hope Hank starts to feel better soon.

Hugs - Patti B.

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