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How to get to other forums


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I am not having any problems but my only other advice is to send a PM to KatieB. If you click on the new mesages button t the top of the page you should get to your Mailbox here. Then send KatieB a message stating Problem. SHe might be able to help more.

Let her know which forums and that those are the only 2 forums.

wish I could help more....

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Cathy, Like Randy, I'm not having problems either.

To get into a FORUM Click on the LARGE LETTERS in DARK PURPLE that say: (Example below) Go to the Index Page and Do this.



LUNG CANCER Q & A This only means that "Ask The Experts" is in that

FORUM. BUT if you click on ASK THE EXPERT you'll get in that forum that way too.




And so on down the list on the INDEX FORUM PAGE (front page) I'm just typing a few of the Forums here to give you the idea.

Under Each Forum you will see discpritions telling you what each Forum offers you or what that Forum is all about. Take time and read over each Forum. Find the Forum that best suit's your needs. If it's GRIEVING FORUM then click on the word GREIVING FORUM

You did get into the INTRODUCE YOURSELF FORUM so that leads me to believe your not clicking on the right areas. (hopefully)! :wink:

If you DON'T get into any of these forums you will have to contact Katieb as Randy stated.

Try Clicking onto the words on the Index Page: TECH SUPPORT/HOW TO USE THIS FORUM. Click onto one of those words, pick SUPPORT and see if you get into the forum. Let us know if anything works for you. Katie checks the board often, so she'll be on help when she checks in.

I hope I explained this easy enough to offer you some help. We're here to lend a helping hand. We'll get you on. :wink:

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I took some screen shots of what you should be seeing, so compare with what you ARE seeing and maybe we can figure out the problem (unless it's something to do with your account, then KatieB might be able to help as Randy said).

When you first log in you'll see the list of all the forums, like this partial view:


Scroll down, put your cursor on Ask the Experts (the cursor will turn into a pointing hand where I have the black arrow):


Click, and you'll see this:


Note that this forum is LOCKED, meaning you can't ask any questions here. If you like, you can read some previous posts, especially the live chat logs with Dr. West. But for questions, go to cancergrace.org, register (most of us have the same unsernames there as here), and ask your questions in the Forums section.

Now go back to the LCSC forum index and scroll down to Technical Support / How To Use This Forum:


Click on that, and it will take you here:


To ask a question, click on New Topic and proceed from there, or to read posts in existing topics, scroll down and click on a topic:


That will take you here. You can scroll down to read all the posts, then if you like, click the Post Reply button and add your own comments.


Also, note that clicking on one of the category headings like Lung Cancer Q & A, Discussion Forums, etc., does nothing but collapse the display of all the categories except the one that you've clicked on (merely a space-saving technique). Perhaps that was part of your confusion. Best wishes and Aloha,


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Ned: You really should start a second career as a computer tech. You just know we sometimes have brain freezes and people are saying "just click" and we're not looking in the right place and not clicking the right words. Don't know how many times I've caught myself doing that but only after wasting so much time. Hope this helps Cathy.


Judy in Key West

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