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crazy weather up this way


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Hi all,

Just wanted to post a link to some crazy pictures from the city i live in after all the rain we had here in the last 3 days (with more to come) AHHH! I fotunetly did not have any flooding issues at my house, but for a short while yesterday we were "flooded in" as the streets around us were blocked due to high water. I am thinking of driving over to LOWES to buy some wood, any one know how to build and ARK??? :lol:


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Just found out my sister-in-law's house is flooded. She was evacuated. Don't know about my brother-in-law yet, who lives in the same town (Reedsburg, Wisconsin). Other brother-in-law is high and dry, don't know about other sister-in-law yet. Disaster area there, I hear.

Please pray for my family.


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