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There's a story behind that cat shirt. Back in March of this year, my sweet cat, Pepper, bit me on my arm - just playing, but my skin is very thin and with my immune system being so low, my arm got infected. I had to be hospitalized for 3 days so I could have antibiotics by IV .. sigh. Anyway that shirt was given to me by my daughter as a reminder to not mess with the cat.

I'm glad all of you liked the photos Nick uploaded for me. I think it helps to 'view' a little of ourselves and family.

Best wishes,

Bette - Texas

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Muriel, our dog is 8 years old. She's a registered Beagle and her name is Snoopy after the beagle in the Charlie Brown family :P . She is a loveable animal has never met a stranger. Our calico cat, Pepper, is actually named 'Peppermint Patty' and my daughter has a cat named Lucy. So you can see we love Charlie Brown Gang.

When I was undergoing my chemo and feeling so bad, my cat would cuddle up next to the blanket on my legs and take her nap when I was napping. She was my comforter at that time. Even today if I'm feeling ill and resting on the bed, she is right there by my side. So she has an extra place in my heart and bed :P .

Below is the URL to my personal webpage which shows more pics of our pets. In the photo of me holding Pepper, I'm wearing one of my scarves and a red hat that I wore alot after I lost all my hair.


Take care,


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