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Still so hard


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It's been 7 months since I lost my Mom and it is still so hard. I'm still trying to get their house cleaned out so I can sell it (probably). I went over today and got her china to put in my "new" (antique) display cabinet. [i am afraid that I am turning my house into a shrine to my parents. :wink: ] I also got her purse which her dog Reuben camped out beside until I put it in a box. Poor little fella, I know how he feels.

While I was there a weird thing happened. I found a very tiny gold dolphin earring that I lost last year while mowing the grass. I immediately found the back to the earring but never could comb out the earring. Every time I was out in the yard, I looked for it and today I glanced down as I always do and there it was! My Daddy had given them to my Mom but she couldn't get the backs on because they were so small so I took them. Do you think my parents helped me find it? :shock:

Peace to us all,


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Leslie one word yes!!

Things happen for a reason everything does. Its your sign from them. You will be ok!

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I believe not only did they help you find it but they were letting you know that they are still around. I am sorry you have to go thourgh the trauma of dealing with so many of their things but just remember those things hold good memories and someday those will be the ones you see the most.

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