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thank you and update on my father


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Dear Friends,

You are the best, thank you again and again for getting me through this terrible weekend.

We went to the radiation oncologists today and they started whole brain radiation right away. They are putting the tumor and mediastinal node on hold till WBR is done. She said she did see some shrinkage in the mediastinal node. They are confident this will get rid of the two brain mets that are less than a cm. If need be they will use stereotactic surgery on 1.2cm met. Sounds like you, right, Ray. They said it was good in a way that he had the symptom (seizure) so they caught these mets early, just like you said, Katie.

So, another plan in place. Lots of praying and you, dear friends, once again got me through. Much love to each of you.

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Hi Ray, he is going to have 15 whole brain radiation treatments, then they will see if that bigger one is still there and do stereotactic if necessary. Then they need to get back to the lung tumor and mediastinal node. Youre an inspiration to my father, believe me!

Dear Katie, Im so touched by the compassion in your note and how you can give so much with all you have been through. What a special person you are.

God Bless you both.

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I have every confidence that the WHR will definitely work.

Just one side note. It was when my moms' chemo was halted for her WHR that her mediasteinal node grew larger and at a rapid rate. I just ask that you watch your dad very closely because they can halt WHR and start chemo again to get the main problem under control. The brain mets wont be the immediate problem if the node gets going again. Just don't let them wait too long ok.

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Hi Shellie,

Yes, youve hit on something that I am worried about. They are stopping the IMRT to the node while they do this and it has us worried about spread. It is only for 3 weeks though, then they will go back to tumor and node. She said she has to do it this way though.

Thanks for your concern, always thinking of you.



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