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Life's Lessons


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Since dx it seems like I'm always noticing life's lessons. The trip to NJ and reconnecting with family and friends reminded me of childhood experiences as the fifth and youngest of five girls who grew up together.

My friends asked if I was afraid staying where I am on the Rancocas River by myself. I asked, "afraid of what?" I've always been the one of whom they said "Judy doesn't have the good sense to be afraid." Where did that come from? Easy. I had to jump from the barn beam way way down into the haypile or the big kids would think I was a baby. We used to sleep in the straw barn in the summer which was a good distance from the house. Guess who they gave a flashlight to and sent up in the dark for snacks? Of course, the youngest, they were too afraid!

The lesson now, I don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. I think I'm having trouble with that one. One of my friends here asked, "So Judy, what does diminishment of energy look like in you? Is this it?" Her tone was very sarcastic. I'm working on it.

Judy on the Rancocas River

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I'd give ya some tips on what to say to your "friend" but it would all come out word not allowed. So I guess I'm really no help to you. Althought having followed your story ..and posts..you dont need my help. Enjoy the north...much easier to breath? Was for me when we went to Mich.

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Hi, Judy.

You've done it to me again: a new round of introspection when I read "Judy doesn't have the good sense to be afraid."

I grew up on a farm and not only was I the only one to jump from the barn's hay loft (all anyone ever had to say to me was "I dare you" and I was off), but when others would comment on my bravery (not in barn jumping, but training and racing unbroken horses, etc.), my father's standard response was "Nah, she's just too stupid to be scared."

It seems to me that dealing with our lung cancer dx is akin to jumping out of hay lofts or riding wild horses, and that maybe those were life lessons we needed to learn in order to be able to adjust to the "new normal" of our current situation?


I bet the worst part about dying is the part where your whole life passes before you.--Jane Wagner (author of The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe)

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Hey Judy. Very cool post. I totally agree with you.. a number of months ago I also started saying that I don't need to prove anything to anybody anymore...I have been there done all that...only person I am accountable to now is myself...you go girl!


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Thanks guys. But poor Eleanor (my friend). She really meant it as a compliment--the sarcasm was to indicate I seem to have plenty of energy from her perspective. Think it's in my nature to generate energy when I'm with people. My poor husband, however, points out that he gets to see me when I hit the wall!

What a great place this is to come and just be.

Judy in College Park, MD

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Ah Judy, that's what husbands are for.

I think I would have a very tough time traveling this road without Stuart. I'd do it, of course, but it would be tough.

Love your spirit. I've never been the energetic one but like your friend I admire you and would love to watch you bouncing around.

Keep it up!


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Linda, Thanks but not much bouncing around this evening after a long day of sightseeing in Washington DC with our grandson. What fun. Off to do it again tomorrow--groan, groan. I really love it but it does take a lot of energy!

Judy at Cherry Hill Park, MD

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