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The Drive


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As I was driving to get my test results this morning I was overcome with emotion. Tiredness and pain can do that to you. I was thinking about all of us on "that drive" heading off to our respective appointments to get test results. There are quite a few of us here who were doing that today or tomorrow, and did it last week and will be doing it next week. It takes forever to get there, you are terrified (really shouldn't be driving) and then you get there and you wait. Simply quite awful and my heart goes out to all of you taking "the drive". Geesh but we are a tough bunch of great people!

Affectionately to all


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I'm one of the lucky ones Randy who has a guy at the wheel during the drive as I gathered you were able to do for Deborah. I am also fortunate that I get my results the same day as the test. But the stress doesn't change. I had a major melt-down after this last one. In fact, I had a pretty significant melt-down after "the drive" to my last infusion. I know we're tough but it wears you down. I feel for you Sandra and you Patti.

Judy in Key West

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My husband drove me this time as I was getting PET results so it was easier - but I still had a little melt down even though the results were good as all that accumulated stress just burst, plus I started thinking about all the people who aren't doing as well and how I've just postponed bad news - not avoided it. Not cheery thoughts but it's hard to be constantly "up" even when things are going relatively well (just waiting for the proverbial hammer to fall!

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