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Tuesday's Chat


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Looks like everybody but Muriel and Ned are saving their comments for chat so I guess I'd better be there too!

I another beautiful day in Key West but hot! We were lucky not to get into the 90's (91-92 this week) earlier this summer so I'm not complaining. Besides most of my time is spent indoors doing "stuff" right now. But wait a couple of months and I'll be at it outdoors again. I'd do chores outdoors any day over indoors.

Hope everyone is having a great day. Patti, I hope we get some news soon on the rest of your MRI.

Judy in Key West

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First of all, i want to say that you did a great job. Second of all, I want to apologize for my abrupt exit. I have only gotten to chat a few times in the past and I'm not good at keeping up. I'm sorry I missed Randy, since I rarely made it to his chat sessions.. think he was coming when I was leaving. I did enjoy being there and watching you guys interact among yourselves. Patti, hope your head isn't too big tomorrow after all the Zinf, but at least we know there is plenty of room in that "EMPTY" head of yours.. :D Will try to get by more often, gang.



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Just gotta say Muriel Is a great Mod she kept things chuggin along on track and I think everyone had a good time and got questions answered that needed answering!!! Thanks Muriel!!!!!! :D:):lol::wink:8)

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